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Full Board - $450.00 month + gst

Individual, roomy, safe and secure pen with shelter, always easily accessible

Turnout into a small field to graze when available.

Quality grass hay.

Pasture Board - $350.00/ month + gst

Your horse lives as naturally as possible grazing in the large fields, munching freely, running and sleeping in the sun and living with a herd of about 15-20 horses.

Herds are brought into holding pens during barn hours for easy convenience

All Board includes:Private, Lock-able tack stall, full arena use, loose salt, salt blocks, access to crown riding trails

Short-term or Over-night Boarding

$25.00/ horse/ night with your own hay.

$30.00/ horse/ night with our hay.

Going on holidays or just passing through the area? We can accommodate you with secure pens and water for the duration of your travels. Of course if you are running low on hay from the trip, we can provide a good meal also.

* All horses coming onto the property MUST have a Strangles vaccination.

Facilities include:

60 ' Round Pen

20 x40 meter Dressage Ring

100 x 200 ' Sand Arena

Private and semi-private pens.

Trailer Parking- easy access for all large trailers.

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