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From starting colts to tune-ups, you can count on quality training for your horse. Your horse learns in a positive environment with great opportunity to experience everything from arena work to trail riding with the added bonus of a variety of noises and critters around the facility.

We advise owners give their horses at least 2 months of good solid foundation training. The minimum 2 month period will allow your horse to build confidence and grow as he adapts through his training period. We offer training under Western and English disciplines. Our facility also offers training and conditioning for Performance Showing. **AT THIS TIME, WE ARE ONLY STARTING A SELECT NUMBER OF COLTS.**

In all areas of training, your horse will not be pressured to move on to the next level until they are ready. Our program is not intended to rush to get your horse started but to give them a positive, secure start to their riding career. As mentioned, each horse is different so the program will go faster for some than others. Training in a steady, progressive manner with room for rest and recovery, will give your horse a very solid base.

Give us a call so you can have a great time riding!

Training Rates:

Monthly:   $1,100.00 

Weekly:     $   350.00

Daily:        $    50.00 

All rates subject to GST

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