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In my work with horses,

I use communication called Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing). This method simply works on the basis of energy surrounding a component of the horse as being "strong" or "weak". The use of muscle testing helps to find the "weakness" and restore energetic balance to the horse's body. In conjunction with the muscle testing, I use a wide a variety of balancing techniques and remedies. I feel strongly that a broad spectrum of energetic tools provides a well- rounded therapy for the horse as every horse is unique and prefers particular remedies. For Example: I could have two horses both exhibiting neck stiffness, one horse prefers a special blend of aromatherapy called "Alignment Blend" and the second horse prefers a good hands on massage. That's what I love about the muscle testing. It is individual based - your horse gets to do his own shopping!


- Tanya

Therapy Services

Structural Balancing

Massage Therapy

Chakra Balancing

Energetic Balancing (Switches, Grounding, Life Force)

Color Therapy

Emotional Release

Body Talk


Aromatherapy (Essential Oils)

Bach Flower remedies

Herbal remedies

Gem Essences

Emotional Release

Other Services

Saddle and tack fitting

Structural balancing for the rider

We take from our horses: fun, freedom, thrill, happiness, contentment, joy.

Choose to give your horse something great in return.

Please contact Tanya at 250.489.8663 for more information and pricing.

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