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2021 Clinic Workshop Schedule

Horsemanship Workshops with Cindy Ryan

Become a stronger rider instead of just expecting your horse to be stronger for you!!!  Following a new plan this year, these workshops are NOT just focused on riding but the WHOLE picture.  

Throughout each 3-day clinic you will go through a stretching and breathing program that allows you to become a little more in touch with your own body and how it operates and where it needs strengthening.

You will take your horse through a series of stretches as well to help prepare your athlete for the work ahead.  You will also finish off each day with a stretch for both you and your horse.

Throughout the course of each day you will engage in approx 3 - 3.5 hours of riding where you will work on improving your horsemanship and your horse's skills, building and solidifying you and your horse's foundation and building upon it.

There will also be some time set aside for horse husbandry sessions whereby you will encounter some learning on proper fitting and conditioning of your horse, learning baseline vitals, bandaging, health care, anatomy and physiology, etc.  A guest speaker may make an appearance to speak about some form of rider and/or horse therapeutic aides to strengthen your equestrian experience.

This will be in a single group format unless there are high numbers and class needs to be split.

Day 1 and Day 2- Arena based.

Day 3- Haul out to work in the fields.

In order to join in on Day 3 you must have completed at least 1 day of arena work with us.



$325 + gst per clinic

1 & 2 day rates are available.

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